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Frequently Asked Questions
How many sessions will I need to have?

Whilst most clients have counselling for a minimum of 6 sessions, there is no set amount of time that is right for everybody. The complexity and range of issues a person is facing, their level of need and hopes for therapy all change the number of sessions that feel right to an individual and so I offer both short and long term counselling. Ultimately clients themselves can decide the number of sessions that feel right to them. I will, however, discuss in our introductory session their preference in terms of having a specific number of sessions or keeping these open.

How do I know if counselling will help me?

There are so many reasons why people decide to try counselling and many different approaches that counsellors use when trying to support their clients. For this reason, no one approach will suit everybody. Finding the right therapist with whom you feel safe and comfortable talking to may take some time and that is okay. During an introductory session you will be able to gain a better sense of who I am and experience how we might work together with no pressure to continue after this point if it doesn't feel like the right fit.

How do I pay for sessions?

Payment can be made directly into my bank account anytime up until the start of the session. Once we have arranged an introductory session I will send across my bank details so that payment can be made.

Where will our sessions take place? 

At present I primarily offer sessions remotely over Zoom. I do, however, also offer 'walk and talk' therapy as an alternative and also hold some sessions in person at a therapy room in Wandsworth

What exactly is meant by 'client confidentiality'?

Confidentiality is, in my opinion, the foundation of trust within a counsellor-client relationship and is something I include in every client contract. In a counselling context confidentiality means that everything that takes place during our sessions remains private. Similarly, the notes I make after the session are also stored confidentially and any names or personal details are anonymised. The only exception to this, and where I would need to breach, is if I felt my client or someone else was at serious risk of harm or in order to prevent a serious crime from being committed.

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