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Joanna has provided a safe space for me to express myself and over the past couple of months I have been able to use our sessions to better understand myself and my feelings. I had put on hold seeking counselling, but reaching out for help with Joanna was one of the best things I could do to help myself. Together we built a comfortable and secure place for me to share my worries and anxiety, and to work through some coping mechanisms to put to use. I have been able to discuss some complex family relationships and created my own peace, with Joanna's kind words and support. L.N.

Jo has been absolutely great to work with. I started without a clear direction for our sessions and Jo was able to quickly help me identify and address some concerns that I had been keeping to myself for a very long time. I felt reassured and safe at all times and Jo's professionalism gave me a lot of confidence. I now feel so much more free and full of confidence and would recommend this to anyone I know. T.B.

Joanna has been invaluable on my mental health journey. From the start of our sessions to the end, I’ve always felt so comfortable, like talking to a friend and in such knowledgeable hands. She has understood my needs perfectly and tailored each session personally, depending on which methods will help most in that session. She remembers things I’ve mentioned even a year ago which is why I recommend her to any friends who need some support and she’s helping many of them now, too. After over 15 years of trying different therapists, I wish I’d found her sooner. I.S.

My son and I have benefited greatly from having sessions with you. We’ve been able to deal with one of the most horrible times in our lives and come out the other end feeling a sense of normality. For those that think therapy doesn’t work it does. You just have to kind of work your way through it and make your mind up that even if you don’t feel comfortable in the beginning the end will justify the means.  After the crash I never thought I’d be able to have a day will be laughing and joking and being okay and not swimming and I need to see of grief but I’ve got to the point where I am ok. Better than ok. M.B.

After years of struggling to cope with my mental health I came to Joanna at a crisis point, looking to restore balance to my mental state of mind. At times I struggled with expressing and showing  emotions, but with Jo’s positive and sympathetic support I was able to feel at ease discussing difficult subject matter. Including difficult family relationships, bisexuality, religious upbringing, complex friendships and rebuilding my inner self worth. Together we created a safe environment that allowed me to get to root of some of my difficulties and reframe the way I think about myself. Jo also equipped me with strategies to cope with anxiety and negative critical thinking. I am now able to enjoy my life again and take steps in my personal goals. E.S.

Working with Joanna has been fantastic and I would highly recommend her. I did considerable research before choosing a therapist and was delighted with my choice! Joanna's approach is excellent, she helped me identify and address the areas I needed some support very successfully and I left every session feeling clearer. M.G.

I saw Joanna weekly for just over a year to work on relieving some anxiety. She was such a grounding presence in my life and really helped me understand where my thoughts and feelings might be coming from. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I think of her calming voice and I’m able to relax. She was incredibly helpful in providing me with techniques that I now use in everyday life. I’m really going to miss working with her and would thoroughly recommend. H.M.

I found Jo on the BACP website and her credentials and approach seemed to suit me. I was having some problems with the stress of the lockdown and repeating patterns of negative behaviour and low self worth. Jo was wonderful. Helping me slowly and gently to work through what is happening now and figure out why and where these behaviours and thoughts had come from. This understanding was really relieving to me. Also having someone who I did not live with to talk to for even one hour per week made me feel heard. I’m so glad I found her. E.P.

Counselling has provided support - someone to talk with. I have anxiety and there are everyday life stressors but I am less stressed and anxious than before. I think it is the outlet. I don’t get to talk to family or friends that often and it is speaking to someone who doesn’t look at you strangely. D.B.

Joanna confirmed to me how important it is to feel safe and valued in counselling. Her warmth, her focus and her empathy enabled me to address very difficult issues I had not discussed with anyone. I felt Joanna understood me from the on-set, which therefore wasted no time. L.S.

I will be eternally grateful for the help and guidance I received from Joanna. Incredibly thoughtful, great listener and never judged me. Would recommend. T.R.

Jo got me to places I hadn't felt comfortable going to with other counsellors. She's so easy to talk to and I feel that she really empathised with me and I never felt judged by her. I've finished working on that particular issue now and am in a much better place mentally for it but I'll definitely be going back to her if I need help again! E.R.

You have been so patient and understanding with my counselling journey, and I have learnt so much from this experience. You have a special way of making people feel comfortable when speaking about difficult topics. You listened to every word, and helped me understand my thought patterns, and how past experiences have shaped who I am today. I am so grateful for everything you’ve done, and for helping me view myself in a better light and uncover some inner confidence. G. M.

I came across Joanna’s page and her profile filled me with warmth and kindness, which is what led me to choose her. From the start, she was understanding, patient and kind, but also provided me with the right tools to take forward in everyday life. She has never made me feel ashamed, nor embarrassed to express my feelings and thoughts, which is something I always found difficult. She made seeking therapy so easy and so straight forward. I have had sessions with Joanna for over a year but I have each session useful, and know that she is there if I ever need to reach out for further support, and she encompasses everything a therapist should. M.O.

Joanna instantly created a safe environment, making me feel completely at ease to share some very difficult emotions.With her guidance and support, I came to understand why I repeated certain patterns in relationships. As a result of the sessions with Joanna, I feel not only empowered to move on from a very challenging time, but I also feel confident that I will now establish firm boundaries when in a relationship. S.S.

Joanna provides a safe, comfortable environment where I felt able to work through my experiences without judgement. I have truly felt a change in my confidence, attitude and ability to work through my own emotions or anxieties. My therapy journey with Joanna has provided me with tools and guidance that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. P.M.

I started therapy with Joanna in Sep. 2020 online and as a trainee counsellor I stayed with her till Aug 2022. The modelling and containment she provided was invaluable as my training and placement were both challenging due to Covid and other issues. I felt safe and I could open up about my vulnerabilities and occasional feelings of "imposter syndrome". She listened to me without judgement and knowing she had gone through the same training and processes added an extra layer to our work. She believed in me and encouraged me all the way through. This nurturing made a profound difference and I will take that voice of hers with me. I would recommend her to trainee therapists. L.E.

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