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Counselling Modality:


Working integratively, I adapt my style of counselling to the needs of the client. Primarily, however, I use person-centred and psychodynamic approaches. A person-centred approach focuses on creating a safe, trusting relationship between the counsellor and client in which to explore the 'here and now' - the thoughts and emotions a client is having in the present and their reactions to these. A psychodynamic approach looks at how past experiences and memories may unconsciously impact a person's feelings, thoughts and behaviour today. 

My Values and Ethos:

I deeply care about the work I do and respect the trust that clients put in me as a practitioner. I seek to learn about the experiences and feelings an individual is having, using empathy to gently explore their world without judgement. As a registered member of the BACP, a governing body that oversees the work of counsellors and psychotherapists, I also adhere to an ethical framework. This includes  principles such as trust and autonomy that I aim to carry into all of my client work. I also have regular supervision to ensure I am working in my clients best interests.

Who I work with:

I have worked with clients facing a range of issues including bereavement, financial struggles, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems and challenging life events. During an initial consultation we can discuss the issues you are facing and how I may be able to help you with these.

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